1. Create An Account

2. Add Your Printer

3. Create Your Own Solutions

4. Start Using SmartSolutions

Customize Your Touch Screen by adding SmartSolutions

Your printer has SmartSolutions technology built-in. The first step to being more productive is simply creating a user name and password

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The following 4 Step introduction will provide you a quick overview of how to get started using SmartSolutions. The process is easy and you simply create solutions that are helpful to you. Step #1 is creating an account. Here is what you will need:

  • E-mail address (this will be your username)
  • Password
  • Country
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The Lexmark Solutions Center website needs to sync with your printer in order to allow you to create customized solutions. Once you’ve added your printer will be able to easily add, modify or remove solutions as you see fit. To set-up your printer you will:

  • Click "Solution Center"
  • Ensure your printer is powered on and connected to your network
  • Choose "Add Printer"
  • Select your printer from those that are connected to your network
  • You will be asked to enter a security code at your printer's myTouch screen to ensure only you are able to manage your printer
  • Your printer will then be linked to your account and you will be ready to start creating SmartSolutions
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To create SmartSolutions for your printer:

  • From the SmartSolutions website, click "Solution Center."
  • Browse the Solution Library. When you have found one you like, drag it onto your virtual printer operator panel (or add by Double Clicking the icon). Repeat this process to add additional SmartSolutions.
  • Click "Save and Sync." This will update your printer with any new solutions that you have created.
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Once you’ve saved your new solutions, they are immediately ready to use at your printer. You can find these new applications by touching the SmartSolutions icon on the myTouch panel.

Visit the SmartSolutions website ( regularly for news and updated SmartSolutions.
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